Tuesday, June 4, 2013


New work. Our first short film.


Made in collaboration with Sidra Bell Dance New York, Abysm is a reworking of Sidra's piece Nudity.

Nudity had its New York City premiere at Baruch Performing Arts Center in Manhattan.

Many thanks to Sidra for her vigilant work with us, as well as to Kiki Williams for her work as Production Assistant. An extra special thanks to the dancers involved: Jonathan C. Campbell, Rachel Patrice Fallon, Austin Diaz, Alexandra Johnson, Rebecca Margolick.

Abysm from Scarecrow on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eastbound 80 Pt. 2

More work for the Eastbound 80 show.

May 12, 3pm & 7pm at Dixon Place in NYC.

Kendra Portier, teacher extraordinaire.

Eastbound 80 - Kendra Portier from Scarecrow on Vimeo.

Eastbound 80

Been very hard at work.

Promoting for a new show, Eastbound 80, supported by ARTS By The People, showcasing four choreographers: Kendra Portier, Dante Brown, Katie Stehura, and our own Daniel Holt.

Creating separate short profiles for each choreographer. The first two are up; check 'em out below.

Dante Brown

Eastbound 80 - Dante Brown from Scarecrow on Vimeo.

Katie Stehura

Eastbound 80 - Katie Stehura from Scarecrow on Vimeo.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Showing Discipline

New Scarecrow, highlighting some thoughts of Show Discipline.

Check out Show Discipline as a featured RAWartist, April 11, at Public Assembly, at 70 N. 6th st in Brooklyn. (rawartists.org/showdiscipline).
Buy tickets here.

All video footage captured at Irondale Center in Brooklyn.
Made possible by the support of Arts by the People.

Special thanks to Paul Rabinowitz for his support, without which this project never could have happened.

Collaborators: Jay Jefferson, Michelle Sordi, Dante Brown, Mike Abbatiello.

Show Discipline from Scarecrow on Vimeo.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Additional Avenues

Scarecrow is now offering video documentation of live dance/theater shows. We have seen many a show shot via the nosebleed section, or that is simply botched. This type of standard of work is unacceptable. As dancers/choreographers ourselves, we know our work needs to be better documented.

Scarecrow offers high quality recordings of shows, shot in a non-traditional manner that ensures that no step is lost for your own records/future rehearsal usage. Equally so, our documentation captures your work's essence accurately enough for committees offering you grants, as well as those running festivals, to gather a true feel for your live work. We create documentation that you will be satisfied with, at a very decent price. We'll even come to your rehearsal to see your work before we shoot it - at no additional cost.

For more info, and to have your next show documented right, please comment on this blog, contact us via our Facebook, or e-mail us at DanielRLH@Gmail.com.

Also, check out our new website at www.scarecrowbk.com

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Show Discipline, Fool

...we Showed Discipline...new work...up and ready.

Scarecrow + Show Discipline

A little love.


Show Discipline Indie Go Go campaign.

Put work in...get disciplined - http://www.showdiscipline.com/

Monday, October 1, 2012